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Quintessentials of a motorcycle traveler

The sum of a motorcycle tour should be more than curves and mountains.

With the Black Forest in front of the door, the Vosges three quarters of an hour away, and the Swiss Alps only a good two hours away, the strong impetus of yesteryear just to get started because of the motorcycle has greatly decreased. Anyone who has ridden a roller coaster often enough will probably lose interest in it at some point. But what if the motorcycle could take me through such delightful curves to places that are not just a passport, a name on the town sign or a sausage stand after 48 hairpin bends? What if the destinations become places that have exciting stories in store that are just waiting to be discovered and revealed. When I look into a crowd, I only see the gathering of people, but when I look more closely at an individual and start a conversation, he becomes much more than just one of many. Then he has a vita that may explain his thinning hair and the rims around his eyes, the calluses on his hands, the scars on his skin. If I see passes, castles, palaces and so on on my tours today, then I want to learn something about their history. I want to taste the typical food of the region and their wine and beer. The trips get a new, previously unknown, intensity for me and the motorcycle is my favorite vehicle, which takes me through the landscape to exactly those places ... then the journey becomes complete.

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Hi, danke, dass Du vorbeischaust!

Hier teile ich den einen oder anderen Gedanken, von denen keiner das Exklusivrecht hat, allgemein gültig und richtig zu sein.

Wir alle sind Menschen und unterliegen einem steten Wandel in unserem Leben.

Was man heute für richtig oder bedeutsam hält, ist es nach der einen oder anderen Erfahrung irgendwann schon nicht mehr.