• Karim


Towards the end of winter, the impatience increases and we can hardly wait to finally get back on our motorcycle. Too great the longing to finally be able to glide through the landscape again with this one. In addition, travel is currently difficult or impossible. It is all the more understandable that you want to do a lap at least on your usual home routes.

All the better when you are accompanied by your loved ones and friends.

I hope for all of us that normality will increasingly come about in the near future

and we can move freely again as we were used to. At least there are now a few glimmers of hope on the horizon. Let's look ahead and not lose confidence.

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Hi, danke, dass Du vorbeischaust!

Hier teile ich den einen oder anderen Gedanken, von denen keiner das Exklusivrecht hat, allgemein gültig und richtig zu sein.

Wir alle sind Menschen und unterliegen einem steten Wandel in unserem Leben.

Was man heute für richtig oder bedeutsam hält, ist es nach der einen oder anderen Erfahrung irgendwann schon nicht mehr.