• Karim

On the banks of the Rhine

At a time when you can't travel as usual, you start to rediscover the things on your doorstep. I have never paid particular attention to him, as I am always looking for curves and bumps that are particularly fun when riding a motorcycle and yet I was drawn to him. I made a few first trips along its banks. Observed with interest the huge locks, which one cargo ship after the other swallowed up and spat out again into the shallow and steadily flowing water of the Rhine. I studied the map more closely and found small paths to side canals here and there, which I gradually explored. There is even a golf course on one of these elongated islands in the middle of the Rhine. You can find a few of these impressions in the small video clip.

Have fun!

... and maybe we'll see you on the Rhine ;-)

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Hi, danke, dass Du vorbeischaust!

Hier teile ich den einen oder anderen Gedanken, von denen keiner das Exklusivrecht hat, allgemein gültig und richtig zu sein.

Wir alle sind Menschen und unterliegen einem steten Wandel in unserem Leben.

Was man heute für richtig oder bedeutsam hält, ist es nach der einen oder anderen Erfahrung irgendwann schon nicht mehr.