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Corsica Bird View

Right now, when we are all supposed to stay at home, the longing to travel is greatest. Over a year ago we had already booked our accommodation in Spain near Alicante. A small house surrounded by a garden by the sea. From the breakfast table we would look at the blue sea, then go for a run with the dogs before we would explore the area again on the motorcycle.

But I don't want to complain. All we have to do now is renounce once in a lifetime and nothing more. We are healthy and that is the most important. So I like to spend the time and travel back in my mind. This time to Corsica, where I was with my friend Ralf.

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Hi, danke, dass Du vorbeischaust!

Hier teile ich den einen oder anderen Gedanken, von denen keiner das Exklusivrecht hat, allgemein gültig und richtig zu sein.

Wir alle sind Menschen und unterliegen einem steten Wandel in unserem Leben.

Was man heute für richtig oder bedeutsam hält, ist es nach der einen oder anderen Erfahrung irgendwann schon nicht mehr.